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Hey guys! I am so thrilled to talk about this after talking with Boris on facebook on their Smart Madness page. Not much has been released about this product, but I think this is the way to go if you want a set of headers but don't want to loose the cat for emissions reasons and violation reasons. I know in Connecticut, the fine for not having a cat on your car is now over $2,700.

I could not risk that for a header kit. After thinking about building a one-off header and cat option and knowing that would be well over $1k because of the labor and materials, I decided to contact Boris on their facebook page to see if they had any vendor cooperation with a product that would be a good niche in the market. Here is our conversation:
Hey Boris,

Are there any plans from your vendors that you know of that are planning to make a header kit with a free flow cat? That could be a serious niche in the market and an excellent persuasion to those that want a header kit but don't want to give up their cat due to emissions reasons. I sure would buy one. I was wondering if any vendor you knew of was thinking of undertaking that type of project. Hope all the madness is going well!

Brett Harrison
We have been speaking with one of our best suppliers and we think we have them convinced to produce one if we can guarantee volume. Let me touch back with them and see if we can get it going.

That would be amazing. I hope that your supplier will be able to pull this off at a good price and a good performance aspect. That's the one piece that's holding the exhaust system back and many don't want to replace it because of the cat because they have no choice and many don't want to tape their CEL or get stopped by the cops and get a ticket. Can't wait to hear back from you!
I was wondering...was your supplier that you were mentioning SILA Concepts? I know they did so much for your company already. I can't wait to see this header piece! Do you happen to know of an expected release date? Will it be this year?
Brett, that would be yes and yes.
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