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Hi, all,

I'm new to the forum. I have a 2016 Smart ForTwo Passion.

I actually rent it out to others via It rents well and I receive many compliments on the car.

Maintenance has been good but parts at the dealer are quite pricey. I'm been using after-market for replacement wear items. Wipers were difficult to locate. The dealer wants $72/pair! I didn't pay that. I did find Bosch sells AeroTwin (?) for my model but they claim it uses a 20" and a 15" blade. My car came equipped with two 20" blades using a 7mm bayonet mount. Bosch does not sell the blades separately. So, I bought two sets which still is less expensive than the dealer's price. That leaves me with two brand-new 15" blades. They are yours for the price of shipping.

Which brings me to my next question: Does anyone have a source for these 20" 7mm bayonet mount blades?

Glad to be on-board. If anyone is interested, here's my listing for my car:

(That didn't work. I guess I have to have more posts to be allowed to include a URL. Anyway, the car is on Turo.)



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Welcome to SCoA! If you have items to sell please post them in the parts Marketplace. Commercial ads are prohibited unless you become a supporting vendor. Might want to check the forum FAQ.
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