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Got a smart passon 1.0 convertible from 2007 for 3 years now
It came from factory
with heated seats
klok and rpm gange
rain light sensor
power windows
power adjustble and heated mirrors
and de passion package

mod I already did
brabus bodykit
facelift grill
sport leather steering wheel with paddels
brabus site skirts led lights
brabus dual day and fog lights
brabus exhaust
brabus 3e brake light
ambi lights include entrace lights
cd holder
radio/cd navi with tv
webasto parking preheater

Next mod instal brabus rims
brabus pendals
brabus floormats
parts already in stock
us tail lights 0:)
maby lowering a bit with eibach springs
maby brabus bage on the raer
leather int include a facelift dash search for a few more parts for it


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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