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Hello all!

Just joined the forum last night. I have had a reservation for the new SC since March or April and just received an invitation to attend a "by invitation only" event at a not so nearby dealer. Apparently, the SmartCar introduction is becoming a reality, and it's time to get serious about getting enthusiastic about it.

It's a bit disappointing that SmartCar dealer numbers are going to be limited. I had the same experience with MINI dealers. The DC area has 2 choices and both are over 25 miles away (annapolis and Sterling,VA). SmartCar is only offering us EuroMotorCars in Germantown, MD, but atleast its only 20 miles out. The same dealership has a location in the metro area, but they decided to relegate the sales and repair of the diminutive Mercedes cousins out to the boonies.

I look forward to many discussions with my fellow SC enthusiasts in the future.
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