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New owner from Indiana

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Just purchased a 2011 fortwo passion I see comments regarding 451,450 and 453 can someone enlighten me how I know what I have??? I’m having trouble with the check engine light coming on, put a tester on it and says it is the secondary air pump so I bought new one and also new air filter and after installing and clearing the code I drove about 20 miles and the cel is back on!! Any ideas????
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Yes sorry it’s been so long the light finally cleared and then it came back on yesterday but noticed the pump noise doesn’t come on when I start the engine will this hurt to drive it like that also then the tire light came on so replaced all sensors still didn’t help thinking replacing the module
I believe that the switching valve that turns on the air pump might be defective. It is a common problem. The part costs about $35.00 & is not too hard to change. Hopefully, someone else will post a photo.
Thanks I thought maybe since our temperature was up to 75 the last few days that maybe the pump doesn’t work at that temperature
...the sec air pump only runs within certain temp range...

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Thanks it is supposed to get cool again and I’ll see if it works
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