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New owner, need engine advice

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Recently got a 2008 cabrio, good body with badly smoking engine 110k miles. Used car/parts dealer had engine available with 60,000 miles. Already took old engine out and have the “new” engine. What should i do before i install the new engine? New belts? Plugs? Make sure head bolts are tight? Etc? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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well we were a bit peeved at the place that we bought the motor from cause it came with the transmission but took it off once they sold it to us even though the price was the same they paid for it. So old transmission will be used. Yea i want to make sure everything is good before i put it back in. Lot easier to do things to engine now.
Ive, got a compression tester, cant i turn the motor over with a wrench at the main pulley?
Did not hear it run, but has a 90 day warranty with it. Will look at oil... just determining how to get the old engine out of the cradle is a bit overwhelming to me. Taking axles off, transmission and all the hoses, wires. Mounts.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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