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New Owner Questions - 2015 Smart Fourtwo Pure

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Hello everyone, just got a great deal on a 2015 Smart Fortwo with only 10k miles on it! I have a few questions about the car and this seemed like the place to go :).

1. The car currently does not have a cruise control option. Do these exist, and if so how much would it cost (rough guess)?

2. We often go kayaking/biking/camping and are looking to add feature to our smart for short trips. Any tips on roof rack options, or light trailers/hitches for kayaks/bikes?

3. Any general knowledge points or owner tips are appreciated.

Thanks everyone! We are really happy with it so far. :)
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Welcome to the forum!!! :D

1) The easiest way would be an aftermarket cruise unit. It appears SmartMadness still has the very popular MDC Cruise Control, that'll set you back $500.

smart car Cruise Control w/ LED by MDC - 451 Coupe Model Online Store - smart car Parts and Accessories

2) Yakima makes a roof rack for our cars, Curt Manufacturing makes a hitch. The Yakima rack has an easier installation, however I feel the hitch has more utility. If you buy the hitch through U-Haul and have it installed by them, you'll be looking at something like $300. I forget what the full Yakima setup costs.

3) Biggest advice I'd offer is to find a mechanic willing to work on the car after your warranty expires this year, if it hadn't already. In my experience, any mechanic with knowledge on European cars can work on these. The reason is because getting service and repairs at MB is ferociously expensive.

I haven't been back to the dealership since my warranty expired.
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