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New Sacramento member looking for a fortwo

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Hi there, my name is Jenni from Sacramento, Ca. I have been learning about Smart cars for the last few months as I'm very interested in purchasing a used fortwo model.

Are there any recommendations for any good sites where I might be able to find a used one? I haven't had much luck on Craigslist or FB Marketplace. The marketplace on here doesn't seem to have much to offer in my area.

I don't mind an older model, but would like it to have low miles (around or under 50,000 miles). Would like to be under $4,000.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Hmmm. I pulled up Sacramento craigslist and saw quite a few used Smarts within your price range, didn't go so far as check the mileage but they are out there, by the way, welcome to the group from Savannah, Ga.
Everything I'm finding on CL have very high mileage (close to 100,000), are salvage title, or have something wrong (like AC does not function).

Thanks for checking tho! And thanks for the welcome!
You can also try, and that old standby, eBay.
I have checked these sites out! They mostly offer dealership cars which are above my budget. Not sure how I feel about eBay. Thanks for responding!
You might look in the San Francisco and San Jose areas. Try to drive several, so that you get a feeling for normal driving characteristics. I like to look for one-owner cars with good service documentation that have been well maintained. Get any car tested by a smart-qualified mechanic before you buy it, hopefully at the seller's expense.

Don't settle for anything less than a good quality example; patience is your friend.
Thank you so much for your great input! There is a smart center just around the corner from where I live, but hadn't thought about getting it tested at the sellers expense. That's something to definitely pursue! Do you know what this might typically cost?

I will expand my search to nearby cities. Thanks again!
Thanks for everyones replies! Greatly appreciated. I realize maybe I might have to save up a little more because I am finding very high miles on smarts that around the price range I want to be at. One thing I do not want is a car payment.

Does anyone know if it would still be a good idea to get a Pre-Purchase Inspection if I were to get a used car from a dealership?

I have my eye on one that seems to be a fair deal for year and miles, but the dealership said they are not too sure how many owners, but they believe it's only one. Also, they did not have a carfax. It's a Lightshine edition which I haven't read much about. Does anyone know anything about the Lightshines?

Btw, the electric model sounds awesome, but I'm apartment living so I think it would be quite impossible to charge easily.

Thanks again to everyone and I will check out the sites that were mentioned aboved!
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