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I just started a Meetup for San Diego. Come out and join us at Mystic Water Kava Bart, Saturday, 27OCT12 from noon - 2 pm at 3811 Ray Street, San Diego, CA 92104. Check out our group at San Diego smarties (San Diego, CA) - Meetup and please spread the word. :) Even if you aren't able to make it to our first event, please join and help spread the word.

I want our first event to be an opportunity for others to suggest events they would like to see happen. I am also in favor of a very horizontally structured group where others have the opportunity to host events or simply post something they'd like to go do and encourage others to join (at it's most basic level, that's all event hosting is, really). I look forward to seeing you as members of our new local Meetup! Please let me know if you know of a better place to post info like this where it will have the most visibility.


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