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After my small accident 2 years ago, it caused terrible alignment issues on my front passenger wheel... pretty much it was pigeon toed and hella bald. I had to get a new (used) goodyear tire between now and then and thought itd be good time to get the girl some new rubber.

Got the continental control contact tour a/s plus in a staggered set during discount tires directs rebate sale.

These are
Front: 185/60 R15 85H
Rear: 195/60 R15 88H

I didnt go to the dealership and found a shop that can do the mounting and alignment for me (thank god, cuz no one was able to!) And they were freaked cuz the size difference of the oem tire was significant. They almost didnt want to install them. Made sure to ask the smart specialist at mercedes if theyd work and got the thumbs up soooo yea :))


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