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I have a 2013 Smart Passion coupe that only has one key. I would like to get another programmed and cut in Ohio but am having no luck in finding a locksmith equipped to do the job??
Anyone know of a source for this service locally? :shrug:

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You have to find a locksmith that has the Star computer to program Mercedes Benz keys. I am planning a trip To Easton (Columbus Ohio) to get keys programed. and have blank keys you can buy fairly cheap. I bought 2.... fortwo keys/product/5864dd495a477258854c24fb

$18 each. Then I took them to my local locksmith and the blades cut. That was an additional $50 for 2 keys. So I have $86 in 2 keys that still need to go to the dealer to be programmed, but If I remember correctly people were saying it was like $180 per key or something like that, so I still hope I am ahead of the game.

Now I just happened to save tidbits from several different posts back in the day from this forum. Some of the info no longer applies because things have changed concerning them having to get permission from the mother ship to make keys, but there is a place mentioned called SOS that can make keys and a lot of the info that follows is for those that lost both keys. You have to have at least one working key to program others without having to deal with the SAM. All the keys you presently have that are working has to be taken to the dealer when you get more keys made. But anyway I will post the info I kept and it is not in any order:

I have never used a locksmith so I have no knowledge of what they can or can not do. If you tow the car to the dealer they will order the key blanks cut by VIN and the key fobs, then program them to the existing SAM. There is a smart service bulletin that details the procedure.

Date: December 7, 2012
Order No.: SM-B-80.00/02a
Supersedes: SM-B-80.00/02, August 8, 2012
Group: 80.00
Revision a: Revised with Additional Process Steps.
MY-All, Model 451 Procedure to Request SAM Password After Customer Loses All Existing Keys
When learning a new key into the SAM of Model 451, all existing keys must be present. For situations where the customer needs to order new key after losing all existing keys, you can request a special password that allows the SAM to learn new keys without any old keys being available.
The customer must have the following documentation before you can proceed with the request:
^ Valid vehicle registration with the customer name shown as the owner ^ Valid vehicle title with the customers name shown as the owner or lessee if vehicle is owned by a financial institution 1. Create a PTSS case for the vehicle with the symptom: Overall Vehicle//Safety and Locking System//Locks/locking/remote closing mechanism/Nonfunctional. 2. In customer complaint enter: Customer lost all original keys. 3. In workshop findings enter: Need password for SAM to learn new keys. 4. Ensure RO field is filled out and matches the RO for the spare part key order. 5. Attach clear and legible copies of both proofs of ownership documentation stated above. 6. You will receive in return a password for use in DAS version 11/2012 and later that will allow you to program key transponder codes in the existing SAM control unit.


I just went through this 2 months ago..... I can't imagine having anyone else do it besides the dealer....even they had difficulties.... It was a huge ordeal. They want to see you in person to order the keys to be sure that you are who you are..... I had to beg them to order it over the phone and I had to fax over identification and a statement saying I'd pay for the keys. It's a 2 hour drive and I didn't want to drive down twice... once to order then again to install.

It was an ALL day ordeal, because it took forever for the mother ship to code the keys to the SAM.... and just as they gave me the car back working, I got the call that someone found my original key...and that doesn't work anymore now lol I towed my smart down in a box trailer so I didn't have to spend $250 on towing charges.

Overall for 2 keys at the dealer, it was around $400... less than the $600 quoted.

Wait, maybe someone else doing it aftermarket style may have been better.... hahaha

I may be incorrect, however I thought smart could cut new keys from blanks by using the VIN number - else it seems the lock cylinders would need to be changed. Then you would need them programmed. Best in the future to have some extra key blanks cut in case all programmed fobs go missing.

If the blanks are cut-able from the VIN. Then purchase the unprogrammed fobs and send all the pieces with the SAM unit to SOS for pairing/programming - or buy an expensive new SAM unit from the dealer in additional to programming

1) Go to the Smart Dealer with the VIN and order the Set (they come as two) all are pre-cut blanks sent from the Factory in Germany to match your Car... $50.00
2) Buy the EBAY Fobs to get the button sets. You will have no need for the blanks on them. Very easy to put your new cut blanks on them...
3) Send your SAM and the fobs you just bought to "SOS" to have the Fobs re-programed to YOUR SAM Unit...
4) Pay and wait for their Return to you...
NOTE: Verify over the Phone with "SOS" what you plan to do. with their OK, execute your Plan...

So, the keys that come from the smart factory are just the metal blades? I'd be buying the fob separately, either from eBay or the dealer? I'm asking because if I want to have the dealer do the service but have more than one key, I'm wondering if I should buy two blanks on eBay first, bring them to the dealer and have them get the cut blades from HQ and program my new fobs after swapping out the blanks for the cut blades. Don't want to have to pay $200 per key (or whatever) if I can do it for $50 each off eBay (plus programming).

Get the fobs from eBay.
Get the keys from dealer.
Have dealer program fobs.
Swap the blanks out of the fobs for the cut keys, yourself.

A word of thanks to everyone who helped. I ordered a pair of key fobs off eBay. When I got to the dealer, the parts counter guys tried to tell me I was going to have to get a new computer. I told them that is not what I'd been told and explained the procedure outlined. They left to go check their computer. Meanwhile, I started to pull up this thread on my iPad to show them the TSB, but when they came back they apologized for having the wrong info. I wonder if I hadn't known if I could have been screwed for a new computer I didn't need.

In the end, it cost me $200 in labor and $50 for the two new key blades in addition to the $85 for the fobs I got on eBay, which is much better than it would have been if this had happened a few years ago. I feel bad for everyone who got stuck buying a new computer for basically no reason.

I have a friend who lost his keys to a 2008 Passion. The dealer wants over $1000 to remedy this. I was wondering if anyone in this community has experience with this company? They say they can add keys back in if I lose them all. I just need to send a module from the car.

SOS Diagnostics
SOS Redirect
S.O.S. Diagnostics - Automotive Programming and Diagnostics

They are going to program new keys to the original SAM and it will be less than half of the dealers quote to replace the parts. They are close to me so I will probably go with them. Just feeling it out first. Thanks

I payed $250.00 from dealer for that program for 5 years. And from what the dealer said "It is impossible to reprogram a keyless smart"....thus the high price to fix.

Regarding the discovery of the lost key after a new key has been bought and reprogrammed with the remaining key, we were told that, while one key could not be reprogrammed alone (i.e., in isolation from the others), all of the keys could be reprogrammed together a second time.

A fine point, perhaps, but one that needs to be made.

Ever since the "smart keys" made their debut a few years back, we have a policy of buying four up front (two that come with the car, plus two more). We each have one, there's one on the set of keys kept inside the garage to house door (I uses these when working in the yard or on the cars), and one safely locked away in the keybox in the master bedroom. When we travel, the "garage" set gets put in a suitcase (in the unlikely, but still possible (it happened once) case of us both getting mugged) and we carry our normal sets.

Overkill, perhaps, but we've never been shut out of a car yet.

OK guys and gals, the Passion is back on the road. SOS sent someone out this morning and after about an hour, the keys were cut and programmed and no new computers were needed. Two thumbs up.

I mentioned the forum here and that they may want to talk to admin about advertising. This is a great service and they can do it via mail too

'm curious how they did this if the dealer says it's impossible. In all likelihood the dealer's following Smart's corporate security policy, which by its nature is insane. I bet it is indeed possible to read/write computer code in the security system and get new keys assigned. Anyone with enough knowledge and access can technically do it - nothing's foolproof.

But, the question remains: How did they reprogram your key in a way that assures us a potential thief can't use their same process to break into any Smart? Did you supply an existing key? Did they actually interface with the SAM?

I myself am an auto tech. Believe me, the dealer says a lot is impossible. I like to think that most of the time it is because they do not know any better. Part of the time they are only going on what the manufacturer tells them. From what I understand, in this case, it is impossible for the dealer to do this because their equipment can only program the SAM if you have a working key. SOS actually does not use dealer equipment, they are reprogramming the memory of the SAM. I think?? Jim had lost all keys, he had none to use for programming. SOS guarantees the security is exactly the same as it was before. The lost keys will no longer work. The SAM was removed from the car and taken away for reprogramming then when they brought it back, as soon as they plugged it in, the car started. Jim was supplied with a factory original remote key. If we try to turn the car on without the remote attached (just the blade in the ignition) the car will not start and we get the little key symbol on the display. This tells me the immobilizer is still working.

Anyway, they were professional looking, they did a good job, and they saved my buddy a chunk of change. I would have no problem using them again.

they need a key to make a key.
if u have a key in the first place its about 250-300$ to make another.
if u have no keys then they will need to replace the computer for it plus the prices of the new keys. 1000-1300$

smartcars do not follow the same laws for keys in the US.
they have passed a law that all locksmiths must be able to have a spare within 24hrs...except for some special cars that happens to include the smart. no regular car locksmith can make you a key.

also this repair he will be without a car for a few days to a week. for the parts and programming. every mercedes location has the key cut//made in texas....regardless where u are at.

do not buy a blank key replacement online as no-one will cut and program it for u (lucky if they will at least cut it).

SOS Diagnostics programmed a new key for me. They're legit. They charged me $50 to program the key I bought from the dealer before I realized the purchase price didn't include programming. The dealer wanted $125 to program the new key. SOS did it in 15 minutes for $50.

I visited their store in Canby, Oregon. Nice folks. I recommend them.

According to the smart Did you know brochure you cannot lock the door from the outside using the key. Here's the procedure to lock the door from the inside as described in "Did you know":

You can lock your vehicle from the inside, prior
to exiting—with the vehicle in Park (P), driver’s
door open (passenger door must be closed),
and key in the ignition, press the lock button on
the center dash. The red light on the lock but-
ton will flash rapidly. When you remove the key
from the ignition, the doors will lock.

Hope this stuff helps somebody. DCO

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Thanks for the detailed response. I have 2 fobs and key blanks that need programmed and cut so at least that's a start. I called Andy at the Easton/Columbus Ohio Mercedes dealership and he wants $135.00 ea. to program the fobs.

Andy did mention that I must order 2 cut keys from them.....Smart Parts as my key blanks can't be cut from my existing key?? I'm now thinking about sending everything to SOS mentioned in your thread as they can do the entire job. I use this Smart car with my motor home so I can park it until SOS in Oregon returns everything. Has anyone else done this?

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I had my keys cut here at a local locksmith shop called "Runyon Lock Service". They charged $50 to cut the 2 key blades. Both work in the door lock and the ignition switch perfectly, but they won't start the vehicle because they aren't programmed. At this point I have 2 valet keys. So at $135 per key to program at Easton and me getting the keys from Wish and then cut at Runyons I will have $356 in two keys. So if they would have originally charged $180 per key at the dealer I have saved a whopping $4 !! I have been living on borrowed time because I only got one hey with my Smart over 3 years ago. I keep it on a red velvet pillow. Lol...… DCO

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Tom in Ohio, yes they appear to order the keys, from somewhere. They will not cut from a copy. But on the positive side you get a new key that works perfectly. (No worn original copy). This has been my experience with Mercedes in the past. And like DCO mentions, be prepared to provide proof of ownership. (My mother got her purse robbed with a Mercedes key inside. Ended up paying $$$ to replace the key AND replace the locks).......

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I have the original key and will be driving the Smart to the dealership. They just ordered my additional keys and said "They will be here from Dallas by Friday." I will then get a call to schedule the appointment to program the fobs. Thanks for every ones help.
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