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2015 Smart ForTwo Pure - Car2Go
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New to the forum and Smart life, but veeeery excited about it. So I thought I'd post a couple of the little upgrades I've been doing, in case anyone else is looking/new. Links included as well!

Floor Mats:
These were seriously worth it! The quality is amazing and they fit like a (rubber) glove on the floor boards.

Windshield Sun Shade:
I know it's a little more expensive than the cheapo ones you can get, but it's for real worth it to have the folding one. It's sturdy and folds up to be pretty flat, which is great with the minimal storage we have. Comes with a nice storage bag for when it's not in use. I usually store it behind the driver's seat. You can see this installed in the background of some of the photos I posted in this thread.

Driver's Side Panel Cargo Net (see photo):
I'll admit, I was skeptical of this one because it doesn't look super legit. And after a bit of fidgeting, I got it over the panel and installed back in the wall, and it looks amazing! And adds a nice extra cubby in the boot +2 PTS for additional storage!!

Smart Valve Stem Covers (see photo):
When I bought my Smarty, it was missing two valve stem covers, so I just did a wee upgrade and they're so cute!

Window Shades:
If you live in Southern California, these are a must! They're not an exact fit on the window but they do the job! No suction cups, they just use cling technology, it's wild and amazing! And they twist/fold up and store super small.

Boot Organizer (see photo):
Ok this was an amazing discovery! I saw this while lurking the SCoA forums, and it's even better in person! I'm usually pretty skeptical of organizers fro Amazon because they often are complete crap. But this is actually quite heavy and sturdy. Packs up small enough that I could store it behind the driver/passenger seat, will keep stuff from rolling around the boot (which drives me crazy!), and has little mesh pockets on both sides for additional storage. Very excited about this one. I love being organized if you can't tell!

I've got a few other things that I'm wanting to get, so I'll post those once I get them! Also, I actually hate Amazon, so I'm bummed I had to get most of these from there. Smart Madness is amazing, and I've luckily gotten to pick up the mats and wind shield sun shade from their shop (local). 10/10 recommend them, support small!! :)


2015 smart Fortwo Passion Coupe
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Rather than window shades, all of our cars (in Santa Clarita) have pretty dark tint on every window except the windshield. Most of California doesn't care for tint, no matter the percentage (except ~20% and under). I noticed my smart got extremely hot compared to our other cars in the summer so I did a bunch mods (I also listed put mine in a long post). The most impactful mod I did for heat was by far sound deadening and covering up the poly carbonate roof. I see you don't have the poly carbonate roof, so I recommend you do sound deadening.
I actually grew up in Torrance so I understand the SoCal heat (and sudden cold mornings).
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