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Hello all!
So, my dad has had a ForTwo Cabrio that he got in 2009, and I've always thought it was a fun drive. This month, my truck has broken down three times on my way to work, and I realized it was time for a new (to me) car, and I figured a Smart might not be a bad option. Since I have a 25 mile (each way) commute to work, and was spending a few hundred on gas each month just for that, my mind immediately went to an electric. The local AutoNation just got a 2013 ED Cabrio in stock, and after taking it for a test drive, I fell in love and picked it up quite cheap.

Of course, now, two days later, I'm starting to realize that there might be other concerns I needed to worry about (like is the battery in good shape?), but it's a bit too late for that now! It seems to be holding up fine, and since I have free charging at work, it looks like I'm going to save a ton of money on gas. It's a pretty awesome car too, full of upgrades. It's that awesome green & white paint job, leather interior, Nav and premium sound, etc. and it's in great condition. So as long as the batteries hold out, I've got myself a commuter car!

First impressions:
- First thing that I need to do is install an armrest. It's driving me nuts.
- Might change the stereo. The head unit appears nice and sounds good, but it's really dim and hard to see the touchscreen in the sun. Not sure if that's due to malfunction, or if they're all that way, but I'll probably change it out for one with Android Auto capabilities.
- I'm a tinkerer, and I've read recently that the app/remote control has been discontinued. Wonder if there's a way to wire that functionality to a Raspberry Pi and connect it to wifi for the backhaul, as anywhere I'll be charging will be in range of a decent wifi connection (both home and work). I smell a project!
- This thing is quiet, and zips around on the highway like nobodies business!
- I get to use the HOV lanes (even by myself) since it's all electric! Just shaved like 15 minutes off my commute!

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Welcome - my son and I provide battery test units if you want to check your battery's condition. There are several threads about the units within the electric car forum.

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