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I bought a two year old 453 Passion cabrio privately, but the owner was not there as he was working abroad, and his wife did not know answers to my questions.

5..The tire pressure warning comes up but does it tell which tire is low pressure, wil it go away automatically when I pump up tires.

Thanks guys. I am enjoying the car.

The last screen on the instrument cluster has 'Reset TPMS'
Don't hit the OK button until you have your tire pressures where you want them.
It reads the values as the new reference and the tire light goes away.
The 453 TPMS is pretty sensitive - when it gets cold and if one tire is 2 psi low, the tire light will come on.
But it's easy to set again, once you have all the tires at the pressures you like.
For example, I like 30 psi Front 32 psi Rear for the Sport 8Y 16" rims, but the tire place likes to inflate them to 45psi...
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