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Hello and welcome to SCoA! Hopefully we can get all your answers squared away for ya! :)

1) Not sure. I was under the impression that smart stopped doing the security code thing after the 450 generation.

2) The official answer is no. However, someone well versed in electrical systems could in theory wire up a printed circuit board in a manner that automatically disables the start/stop function on engine start.

3) The smart website does have electronic copies of the owner's manual (paper copies should have come with the car). Not sure where to get a service manual.

4) The car comes with two fobs from the factory. In the US, used cars are generally sold as-is. So if the seller gives you one key, you only get that one key. Since you appear to be in the UK, check with your country, regional, and local laws to see what applies.

5) Unfortunately it does not. However, in my experience once you check and adjust the pressures in every tyre the light will go away. Recalibrate the TPMS for the best results.
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