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I've been hanging out for a bit and am finally getting around to post photos of my Smart.

Here's the 201 Electric Drive I picked up about a month ago:

It came with about 13k miles on it and is in great shape. It ended up in a Mitsubishi's dealers lot after coming off a lease. They didn't really know what they had, and I managed to get a pretty good deal.

I replaced the door speakers with cheap Kenwoods based on a recommendation in one of the threads here:

The difference is night-and-day, and I may stick with the stock radio since I only need to drive about 26 miles round trip to and from the ferry every day.

I used the "rip out the old speakers with a chisel" method instead of taking the doors apart. It was a lot easier than I expected, although they don't give you much wire to work with. I'm glad the Kenwoods came with connectors I could splice to.

So far I've put about 800 miles on the car, and it's been great. From what I can tell, the HV battery is in good shape.
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