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Vredestein list the Quatrac 5 on their website in sizes (amongst many others):

195/50R15 82H and 195/50R15 82V

This size could be matched to front 175/55R15 77T tires.

175/55R15 front matched to 195/50R15 rear could be considered a standard upgrade for the 155/60R15 front and 175/55R15 rear sizes.


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for in the rear. However, I found these tires on Tirerack, and since the website did not show 195/50/r15, I falsely assumed that Vredestein did not make this size.

Just found them (and ordered) on Vulcan Tire. So I guess now the only concern is the difference in speed rating... Since front tires are Ts, I purchased the H version for the back. This way the front and rear will be only one level apart. as opposed to two with the Vs. Will report as soon as the tires are installed.

Thanks again!

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I got a 2015 smart fortwo citybeam edition, nice one.
It has brabus rims 4.5xr15 in front (155/60r15) and 5.5xr15 on rear (175/55r15).

Before I put on new tire, I tested out by putting rear one (175/55r15) in front and drove above 45 mph, it was very unstable (worse on highway). I had to constantly put both hands on the steering wheel and still unstable (it looks like it can flip over any time).
After searched online, I found it was the effect of "moose or elk test" condition on wide tire in the front. It is worse on smart because smart is tall and short.

Now I got new tires:
front: 165/60r15 on 4.5r15
rear: 195/50r15 on 5.5r15
Very stable now.

What tire size fit 4.5r15 rim?
Accidentally, the tire place folk puts 195/50r15 on 4.5r15 rim. It fits good. So, 4.5r15 can take up to 195/50r15 but not recommend.

Good luck to all. Don't put any tire wider than 165 on the front, tested.
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