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New to smart family

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Just bought a used 2018 Smart Fortwo electric car 13,000 miles. So far I love it.

Where can I buy exterior and interior accessories?
Also…it only came with one key fob and no charging cable. I did just buy a universal type 2 charging cable on Amazon (waiting for delivery).
any idea how to get a second key fob? Mercedes is charging $550 - way over priced.
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Jason, one more thing...
There's a resource online called Evilution, and his smart car knowledge is invaluable. Well worth a subscription.
There's not as much info on our models (the 453) as there is for older smarts, and sometimes you have to put yourself on the other side of the car as they drive on the wrong side in the UK (here come the flames).
Seriously though, for repairs and modifications, his site is top notch.

Just sayin'
This is Awesome. Thanks so much for replying!
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