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2015 smart Fortwo Passion Coupe
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I am new to the forum but have read a lot this past month. I have had my 2015 passion coupe for about a month but I have read up on a LOT about it. I even subscribed to Evilution the day after I bought the car. I have since changed the stereo, the speakers, the (ridiculously long) antenna, and added seat belt pads (family complained about seatbelt poking their neck). Highways are terrifying and I think my car was 100 degrees inside today, but it's so fun to drive even if it's hot.

Here's the thing however, the car has about 21k miles on it and I saw that smart recommends doing service every 10k miles. I bought the car from CarMax so I thought, "They obviously did maintenance, but how well did they do it?" I go to check the oil and saw that it was a bit over the max line. Maybe they just put 4 quarts instead of 3.7? I check the air filter, it was clean enough. Here's the weirdest thing I saw though, the coolant was under the min line, the brake fluid was almost touching the cap, and the washer fluid was half full. This made me a bit suspicious (having worked on many cars before, even at my age) so I checked the wheels. The psi in the tires were in a general vicinity of the recommended value (29,31 front 34,39 rear) and the lug bolts were FAR past 80 lb-ft (impact wrench?). This made me even more curious, which was mostly because I had not been given any history other than clean title, and CarMax told me there was no history. There was ~15k miles unaccounted for, an aftermarket stereo (I already changed speakers and stereo), an MHD badge that looked too "factory" to believe someone added it, but at the very least it was given very basic maintenance before I bought it.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid about my first car, or maybe this is what it's like to fall in love with a car, but nonetheless it works for now, until I do a complete maintenance. I love this little car, feels like we payed a bit too much ($12k thanks carmax), but I don't think I would trade it for anything else.

Sidenote, is there any solution to the wind buffeting when you roll down the window? I saw a hatch spacer I could 3d print, but I don't know how safe that would be.
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