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2017 453 Passion ED/EQ
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Smart Car here in the USA still has an official web presence: A bit limited and some pages are outdated. You can d/l different pdfs of user and warranty manuals. I have a 2017 ED/EQ also. I found the 451 d/l on battery facts very helpful even though the 451 is an earlier model:
There is no 2017 pdf of the owners manual on the site, but you can d/l the 2018 there too.

You also might gleen some useful info on the german website, using the english version: EQpassion - Everything about the smart ED & EQ

But this site you are on, SCOA, has the most info and help. No other places come close! I've been here for 10 years or so (previously had a 2008 451) but still consider myself one of the new guys.
I usually find the questions I'm asking have already been asked.

And yeah, the manual sucks, but keep a red pen and yellow highlighter handy while you wade through it, it does have useful info, just hard to find the answers you need.
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