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newest interior mirror mod

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the problem is being impaled in a accident.
does anyone know Vlad the Impaler personally?
unfortunately i dropped it and now ill be doing the 3rd one.
i was able to drill a hole in my headliner in the wrong spot too.
thats what r&d is.
quality isnt cheap.
with no responsibility whatsoever.

ill post a finished picture tomorrow.

ok heres a comment, how about a small hole drilled thru the shaft just under the nut when installed to be the breakaway point?

sunnythere :)
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...does anyone know Vlad the Impaler personally?
I've met him a few times, socially. At first he seems a bit abrasive, but I gradually warmed up to him.
How much do you expect to see using a dental mirror?
OK for checking your fillings at red lights but probably not too good for seeing out the back of the car.
How much do you expect to see using a dental mirror?
OK for checking your fillings at red lights but probably not too good for seeing out the back of the car.
If he can see the teeth on the guy following him, that car is way too close.
ouch :)

to view conditions with small mirror, tape off your exsisting mirror so that you have 1 1/4" opening. thats what you'll see.
to me the stock mirror is to large and blocks too much view, i dont mind the side mirrors with the small convex spots but something out the back would be nicer than nothing and this doesnt hinder frontal viewing.

and if your dentist is using a inspection mirror that big? wow!
Call me crazy, but I have to agree that the stock mirror is larger than it needs to be. At least a third of it is occupied by a view of my seat backs.
try it, tape your mirror but also dont forget that the tape will now be prime front viewing area. this mod is mostly good for larger drivers such as myself that remove the mirror.
Personally I think he might be on to something. He's got the ball, let him run. I would like to see final pictures when he's done.
I still think you are better off with something like this.

Takes seconds to fit, no drilling required and won't suffer from vibration.
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personally i dont care for the looks of the 450 mirror in my 451. althou it is a good idea for some. and most likely wont fit because of my racing g force meter.
heres my next pic. the field of vision does look small, thats my camera lens in the mirror. i have not tried it for viewing/using or vibration yet. i might be driving to pepboys for a 2" convex mirror. does anyone know of a smaller convex?

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I wonder if they'll do a redesign on the mirror. I've got an old Corvette that has limited rear visibility and enough people whined about it the design only lasted one year. You never know who is listening, there is a possibility of a mirror swap.

Donny, your mod might not be for all - BUT thanks for sharing as it may be for some. I'm still on the fence as to whether I'd do it, maybe, maybe not. Thanks again for sharing your idea.
ok i tried it.
no vibration, i can see directly behind me. 1 car. imagine this. your driving in traffic and you've got a "very small" video screen your suppossed to watch. right!.

so i bought a 2" convex mirror and it woke up. i can see me, her, behind me and all the front view i need. not good for long distance because of the convex but the side mirrors take care of that. and when i adjust it for the rear window in the lower section i can see most all of the view out the top. and this is all because the original mirror is too big, blocks my view and this is way better than nothing.
yes it works, too cool. im keeping it.

and so you can make 1, the mirror came from grainger for $7, cut and thread it 1/4- 20 . 2 flat washers and 2 nuts. the convex mirror came from pepboys for $2.drill a hole and put it in.
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It is a bold statement, but to me it looks like a cross between a 19th century monocle and a periscope sight. As long as you are happy that is what counts.
the little mirror was just rediculous compared to this larger one.
it does look different, not that the car itself isnt.
some might even say junky.
Neat concept for a mirror...Not something I would do though in mine. Thanks for sharing your idea! :D
I've even seen hypermilers in Honda Insights pull their OEM mirrors and do the same install with these little mirrors on the sides all for the sake of better aerodynamics.
I took my mirror off for the same reason as Donnyonne. Is this something for sale somewhere already put together? I like the idea. Smaller car, needs smaller mirror.
personally i dont care for the looks of the 450 mirror in my 451.
450 and 451 mirror are exactly the same.
i thought the 450 was more rectangle, guess i was wrong again!
I made one out of a side mirror replacement and a standard mirror neck. 10 bucks and about an hours work. I like it so much I thinking of putting one like it in my other cars...
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