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Vol.16 in this issue
.01>> from the smart USA team
.02>> "start smart Guide" videos on smart USA insider
.03>> the most fuel efficient all gas powered vehicle in the U.S.
.04>> national, regional and local auto shows
.05>> smart fortwo scores high on Consumer Reports Reliability Study
.06>> 20,000th smart fortwo sold in USA
.07>> smart ART
.08>> small car, big savings
16.01>> from the smart USA team
Dear smart Enthusiast,

Thank you for your continued interest in the smart brand. If this is your first e-newsletter – welcome to the smart USA family.

As we approach this Thanksgiving, we wanted to recognize some of the many milestones that we have achieved together this year. We have 73 dealerships operational in 35 states that have delivered over 21,000 smart fortwos to new customers. The 2008 smart fortwo coupe received the highest ratings for front and side crashworthiness from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). The EPA named the smart fortwo as the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid vehicle in the United States today. We have been featured in almost every major national publication and television news show. And smart USA debuted our brand new model, the smart fortwo BRABUS, at the LA Auto Show on Thursday, November 20.

But the most amazing accomplishment is having had the support of you, our smart enthusiasts. Your excitement for this brand has made our launch and first year of business very rewarding. This is especially evident by the thousands of owners, reservation holders and enthusiasts that have joined smart USA insider, our exclusive smart social networking website. In short, you have all shown that a small car with a big heart can begin to change the landscape of American highways from coast to coast.

On behalf of all of us at smart USA and the smart USA dealer network, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards and Happy Thanksgiving,

Dave Schembri
President, smart USA

16.02>> "start smart Guide" videos

The smart fortwo is truly a unique vehicle, full of fun idiosyncrasies that only smart owners know and love. Though the trained Brand Specialists at smart centers across America do their best to walk each new owner through all the special features of the smart fortwo during each delivery, sometimes owners are just too excited to get out of the dealership and drive their new “baby” home. So smart USA has created a short series of helpful video vignettes for owners called the “start smart Guide Videos” on the videos tab of smart USA insider. These videos fully explain some of the features that make the smart fortwo so special, like the automated manual transmission, the rear tailgate, and even the windshield wiper/washers. The videos are also a great preview for new owners and reservation holders on what they can expect when they take their new smart fortwo home. You can view and share the “start smart Guide Videos” by clicking here.

In addition, smart USA will now also include a new quick reference guide called the “start smart Guide” for all 2009 models. These guides will be included in the Owner’s Literature Kits located behind the passenger seat in your smart fortwo. We recommend new owners take a moment to review these helpful guides during delivery and place them in the glove box. Like the video vignettes, the “start smart Guide” outlines many smart fortwo features in an easy-to-understand way. Features include those shown in the videos, as well as radio controls, door locks, lights on the dashboard and more.

smart USA trusts that both the new “start smart Guide” and “start smart Guide Videos” will be helpful tools for new, existing and future owners of smart fortwos around the country.

16.03>> the most fuel efficient all gas powered vehicle in the U.S.

We all know that the smart fortwo is not just all about fun, but also about being green: environmentally friendly production, low emissions and high gas mileage. It makes a difference when an organization like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks the 2009 smart fortwo as the most fuel efficient, non-hybrid vehicle in the United States in its 2009 Fuel Economy Guide. In fact, the guide places the smart fortwo as fifth overall in the ranking for fuel efficiency.

The 2009 smart fortwo achieves an average of 41 miles per gallon on the highway according to 2009 EPA regulations. This is because the smart fortwo is powered by a state-of-the-art, compact, and very efficient three-cylinder gasoline engine. The vehicle already exceeds the goal set by Congress for the vehicle fleet and is classified as an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). It is also certified by EPA as a “Smartway” vehicle, which indicates good environmental performance, placing it among the “greenest” vehicles on the market.

The ecology of the smart fortwo extends into its component materials and the manufacturing processes used to produce it. The “smartville” factory in France, where the vehicle is produced, is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly plants in the world. And the smart fortwo embodies this down to the smallest part. Not only does the vehicle use recycled materials for the bodypanels, dashboard and wheelhouses, but also up to ninety-five percent of the smart fortwo is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.

Being green has never been easier for a smart fortwo owner!

16.04>> national, regional and local auto shows
The 2009 smart fortwo will be touring the country beginning this fall at a series of auto shows around the United States.

The first of the national shows is the Los Angeles Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The public show runs from November 21-30, including Thanksgiving weekend. At the show, smart USA is displaying the new 2009 models, including the new rally red and gray metallic bodypanels. And even more exciting news: smart unveiled the 2009 smart fortwo BRABUS model, which will go on sale in early 2009. For more details about the LA Auto Show, visit LA Auto Show.

The smart fortwo will also be on display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan in January, as well as the Chicago Auto Show in February and the New York International Auto Show in April. To find out if the smart fortwo will be on display at a local or regional auto show in your area, please contact your local smart center.

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part II

16.05>> smart fortwo scores high on Consumer Reports Reliability Study

The smart fortwo was recently named one of the most reliable small cars in the Consumer Reports’ 2008 Annual Car Reliability Survey. Ratings first appeared on Find Product Reviews and Ratings from Consumer Reports, and will appear in the December issue of Consumer Reports and in the latest Consumer Reports Cars publication, Best & Worst for ’09.

To quote Consumer Reports (CR):

“Findings are based on responses on more than 1.4 million vehicles owned or leased by subscribers to Consumer Reports or its web site, Find Product Reviews and Ratings from Consumer Reports, the biggest response in the Annual Car Reliability Survey’s history. The survey was conducted in the spring of 2008 by Consumer Reports’ National Survey Research Center and covered model years 1999 to 2008.”

“Consumer Reports’expert team of statisticians and automotive engineers used the survey data to predict reliability of new 2009 models. Predicted reliability is CR’s forecast of how well models currently on sale are likely to hold up. To calculate predicted-reliability ratings, CR averages the overall reliability scores (used car verdicts) for the most recent three model years, provided that the model remained unchanged in that period and also didn’t substantially change for 2009. If a model was new or redesigned in the past couple of years, one or two years’ data may be used, or if that’s all that’s available.”

“Consumer Reports Annual Car Reliability Survey is used in determining which makes and models are recommended to consumers by CR. Consumer Reports recommends only models that have performed well in tests conducted at its 327-acre Auto Test Center in Connecticut, and that have average or better predicted reliability based on its annual survey. In addition, vehicles must perform well in government or insurance-industry crash and rollover tests, if tested, in order to be recommended.”

16.06>> 20,000th smart fortwo sold in USA
In just ten months from our first vehicle sale, smart USA delivered the 20,000th smart fortwo in the United States at smart center Dallas. Ken Schnitzer, smart center Dallas Dealer Principal, personally turned the keys over to the proud new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Zipper of Dallas, Texas. Congratulations to the Zippers on their milestone smart!

16.07>> smart ART

With a history rooted in art and design, it is only appropriate that smart would continue to be seen at special art events and galleries around the USA. This year, the smart fortwo will be making a special appearance at Art Basel Miami Beach in Miami, Florida during the first week of December. Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most influential art shows in the United States, mixing art, film, music, architecture and design into one exciting event. Over 220 art galleries from around the world will exhibit over 2,000 artists’ works. The event will take place in the ArtDeco District of Miami Beach, December 4-7.

smart USA is proud to announce a partnership with The Cranbrook Academy of Art and the Wolfsonian-FIU museum at this years Art Basel Miami Beach event. Several smart fortwo vehicles will be specially wrapped in the designs of renowned graphic designer Elliott Earls, an artist-in-residence at Cranbrook. Elliott Earls is one of the featured artists at the Wolfsonian-FIU’s main exhibition, “Thoughts on Democracy.” The smart fortwos participating in the event on Miami Beach will feature Earls’ unique designs and influential quotations about design and democracy throughout history. Event attendees should be able to catch a glimpse of these amazing smarts around the streets of Miami Beach throughout the entire event timeframe.

For more information about Art Basel Miami Beach, please visit Art | Basel | Miami Beach - Home. For more information about The Cranbrook Academy of Art, please visit Welcome to Cranbrook Academy of Art. To learn more about the Wolfsonian-FIU and the “Thoughts on Democracy” exhibition, please visit The Wolfsonian-FIU - A design museum in the heart of the Art Deco District, Miami Beach.

16.08>> small car, big savings
As gas prices continue to fluctuate there is an increasing demand for small cars that provide greater fuel economy. This has created a growing segment known as the microcar. The smart fortwo falls into this segment, giving cost-conscious consumers greater fuel efficiency in a stylish package.

A challenge that any new segment faces is finding an insurance company that is familiar with the new product and whether they will write insurance for it. A recent Wall Street Journal article indicated that there are only a handful of insurance companies that are currently writing insurance for microcars:

“Some early buyers of the new microcars say they initially had trouble even finding insurance. Michelle Rupp, a 50-year-old insurance broker in Seattle, says she initially wasn't able to find an ordinary auto policy for the smart car. Instead, she had to buy a commercial policy from a small regional insurer.”

Daimler Insurance Agency and Liberty Mutual have teamed up to create an exclusive program that caters to the smart fortwo. The primary benefit is that consumers can contact Liberty Mutual either by phone, online, or in a local sales office to get a quote by an agent familiar with the vehicle. The coverage can offer added financial savings through a preferred rate structure, and other benefits like 24-hour claims and roadside assistance.

Take advantage of this comprehensive insurance product today. Get your free, no-obligation quote today by calling 1.888.512.5644 or visiting Liberty Mutual Smart Car.

McQueen, M.P., (2008, October 23), Higher Insurance Costs Erode Fuel Savings on Small Cars, The Wall Street Journal from Higher Insurance Costs Erode Fuel Savings on Small Cars -

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