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Mitsubishi recently came clean that they were cheating fuel economy tests by over-inflating test cars' tyres...something they've admitted to doing on many (if not most) of their cars over more than the past 25 years.

As such, the already troubled company took a huuuuuuuuuuuge hit. And as a result, Nissan saw this as a prime opportunity to take control of a dying car company. And as such, they now own 34% of Mitsubishi.

As all of us here know, smart and Mitsubishi have a long term relationship. The 1st gen forfour was a Mitsubishi Colt, and the 451s had the Mitsubishi 3B21 engines in them...Interestingly enough, the engines in our 453s were developed under the Renault-Nissan collaboration, and at some point, Roger Penske considered importing the Nissan Micra and badging it a smart. Looks like Mitsubishi is going to stick around a little bit longer! :)

Nissan Will Take Control Of Mitsubishi Motors
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