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Nitrous on a 451?

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Hey everyone I have a 2013 smart fortwo. It is a tailor made cocoa brabus. I have done tons of stuff to it and I am now looking for a small addition. I am 21 years old and so far the youngest person I have seen with a smart car lol I am known in a few car clubs and through the inland empire although I am typically racing one of my bikes or my can am spyder. I have a shop of friends who turbo cars, tune, and dyno them. So for fun I want to put a solid nitrous kit in the back of the smart. They know about all the safety switches, knock gauges and all of the necessary stuff needed to give my car a wet shot of nitrous plus the proper tune. Are there any limitations or things I should change or be aware of. And no we are not worried about the engine exploding. They have done hundreds of cars just never a smart. I just want to know from anyone else if there are specific things I could change to make it as smooth as possible.
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