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No Start No Crank, Reset Shifter does not help

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This morning when I left work (I work 3rd shift). My 2009 Smart ForTwo 121K miles, would not start. I've tried the shifter reset process several times.

A week ago I had the shift actuator off and cleaned and lubed it and readjusted when I put it back on. I had to go through the shifter reset (or a variation - I did not at that time go through the manual +/- part) when I reconnected the battery to get it to start. It has run and shifted well for the past week (over 300 miles with various driving and traffic conditions.)

I got the car towed home and have carefully gone through the full shifter reset process several times, I have also disconnected the battery and let the car sit for hours before reconnecting and retrying. When I shift from P to R the dash screen flashes N. I can hear slight movement when shifting from R to D and good movement when moving to the manual side and going to 2 and back to 1. The battery has anywhere from 12.6 to 13.2 volts each time I try the reset and to start the car.

I am ready to pull the starter and have it tested at a local parts shop.
What else should I be looking at?
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A week ago I had the shift actuator off and cleaned and lubed it and readjusted when I put it back on.
…shift actuator…like the one on top of the engine…2 plugs…black and white and a little white cap on top???
… that shift actuator???

…that’s why I asked… there’s no lube or adjustments (sort off ) to shifting motor”S”…but they do get so dirty with carbon and oil that they fail to select gear or even short out ( due to carbon build-up) that keeps car from running…

…take the shift motor assembly out and clean it up…both of them…
…is not a matter of if but when it will leaves you out in the cold…

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…my bride’s ‘12 show no signs of failure…never got the 3 bars of death…one morning left her in the middle of the road 2 miles from home…got there to see and it started right away…swapped rides…not happy she got mine but that’s what we do…not a mile down the road it did it to me…let it sit …you can’t believe the amount of oil saturated carbon on the right motor…
…cleaned and all buttoned up it lasted almost 2 months…this time a did the left motor that I should off done the first time…this was 6 years or more ago…

...SAM is really smart...he'll let you know battery status by 9 fast flashing when locking... that guy opposite ...

Jetfuel...nothing here
…I’m not saying that…the car manufacturer says so… it is in the owners manual…worth a reading

jetfuel…change the battery and pray for a resolution
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…a 4 cylinder starter draws 130-160 load …goes up as cylinders go up…
…3 cylinders tiny starter no load at 30 sounds about right …
…disassembling cleaning inspecting lube and reassembling doesn’t take much…
…are you getting voltage to the starter???

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…it’s not that hard to rig a 12vdc light bulb and wire…doesn’t even have to be in plain sight…
…if it lights up the garage floor you know you have it…

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…looking at post 39 picture that wire could be clean with baking soda solution and rinse clean to truly see its condition …for what I can see it’s not bad…the rubber grommet could use some RTV sealant to further enhance its ability of water intrusion…

jetfuel…I would
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