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No Start No Crank, Reset Shifter does not help

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This morning when I left work (I work 3rd shift). My 2009 Smart ForTwo 121K miles, would not start. I've tried the shifter reset process several times.

A week ago I had the shift actuator off and cleaned and lubed it and readjusted when I put it back on. I had to go through the shifter reset (or a variation - I did not at that time go through the manual +/- part) when I reconnected the battery to get it to start. It has run and shifted well for the past week (over 300 miles with various driving and traffic conditions.)

I got the car towed home and have carefully gone through the full shifter reset process several times, I have also disconnected the battery and let the car sit for hours before reconnecting and retrying. When I shift from P to R the dash screen flashes N. I can hear slight movement when shifting from R to D and good movement when moving to the manual side and going to 2 and back to 1. The battery has anywhere from 12.6 to 13.2 volts each time I try the reset and to start the car.

I am ready to pull the starter and have it tested at a local parts shop.
What else should I be looking at?
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I just got the 9 flashes a couple of days ago. Changed the fob battery and back to three flashes when the car locks. By the book... :)
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So, what was the actual cause of the no start? ;)
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