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No Start No Crank, Reset Shifter does not help

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This morning when I left work (I work 3rd shift). My 2009 Smart ForTwo 121K miles, would not start. I've tried the shifter reset process several times.

A week ago I had the shift actuator off and cleaned and lubed it and readjusted when I put it back on. I had to go through the shifter reset (or a variation - I did not at that time go through the manual +/- part) when I reconnected the battery to get it to start. It has run and shifted well for the past week (over 300 miles with various driving and traffic conditions.)

I got the car towed home and have carefully gone through the full shifter reset process several times, I have also disconnected the battery and let the car sit for hours before reconnecting and retrying. When I shift from P to R the dash screen flashes N. I can hear slight movement when shifting from R to D and good movement when moving to the manual side and going to 2 and back to 1. The battery has anywhere from 12.6 to 13.2 volts each time I try the reset and to start the car.

I am ready to pull the starter and have it tested at a local parts shop.
What else should I be looking at?
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Sounds to me like clutch actuator is slightly out of adjustment or failing. When the car was on the ground there was a load on motor. When you lifted the car on Jack stands there was no load and it could turn over easily.
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If the clutch is not all the way engaged the engine is connected to trans(and wheels). With the car on stands no weight on wheels and will allow the clutch to engage enough. This could be exaggerated by a week starter. I would take your starter off and have it checked as well.
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