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Hi everyone!

I have a Smart Fortwo Pure 2013,I recently decided I wanted to upgrade my sound experience in my car and replace the ancient looking OEM stereo. I've never done any kind of upgrades like this before so I'm a little nervous especially after reading conflicting info online.

I got a cheap $45 touch screen double din head unit off amazon with backup camera, $30 BOSS speakers, Bracket, wiring harness for smart, and radio adapter.

Do I need to disconnect the battery first or can I just have the keys pulled?

So I've read some conflicting stuff about the wiring harness and that concerns me a little bit, what should I do for the wiring? Can someone please provide a link to a wiring diagram for a 2013?

What should I do for the backup camera wiring? I'm not sure what to attach the ground wire to at the camera end? Also where should I attach the camera? I'm almost tempted to leave the camera out of the equation because it doesn't seem like it would show me more than the basic view I'd already see by looking behind me...

Also is it ill advised to replace the speakers without taking the door apart? I was tempted to follow this video and just drill them in from the outside:

Any help is greatly appreciated! Just figured I'd ask around before diving in head first into this...
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