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Not shifting past 2nd gear

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At first my 08 was skipping 2nd gear unhooked battery cable let it sit for a couple of hours. I went through the process of relearning tranny now it will no shift pass 2nd gear.


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This one I have not heard of before... really strange!
Is it the same in both auto, and manual gear selection with either the paddles or the shift lever?
At first it was skipping 2nd and after relearn will go pass 2nd in both

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If it will not go past 2nd, in either auto or manual... I am thinking the shift motors.
Before I cleaned them it was just skipping 2 after wont go past 2 must be

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The car is pretty smart! Have you done all the obvious things, cleaning out and lubing the clutch actuator, cleaning the
shift motors, both of them, and finally replacing the transmission fluid... or at least checking the fluid level?
These plus a proper re-learn for the transmission is all I can suggest.
Any other SMARTIES out there got any ideas???
It is a new actuator both side of shifter motor cleaned have not checked tranny fluid will do when I get home

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I know this is an old post , just wondered if you ever got to the bottom of it as mine is doin the same thing
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