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Forget about those vintage amphibious cars. Let's go barefoot skiing behind your "Jeep."

Hide the checkbook!

The WaterCar Panther is the world's fastest amphibious car. And after “fourteen years, countless successes and failures, 27 patents, and untold labor hours,” it is available to order.

Reminiscent of a Jeep Wrangler (but not Jeep!) on steroids, the Panther rides on a “light weight chromyl chassis” which “is engineered to integrate into the composite hull using cutting edge epoxy adhesion technology,” in order to create the “hull/body” along with the big fiberglass bits which go on last.

The Honda 3.7 L V6 engine serves a number of purposes including being used as an outboard motor. Producing 250 hp, it drives either the rear wheels or the patented “Panther Jet” water propulsion system. The changeover is made via a (four-speed manual!) gearbox-mounted transfer case and the wheels retract in around 15 seconds.

Performance of the 3,000 pound Panther is rather impressive reaching 80+ mph (128+ km/h) on land and a very impressive 44 mph (70.5 km/h) while in boat mode.
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