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By CHARLES PULLIAM South Bend Tribune Staff Writer

10:23 a.m. EDT, June 18, 2011
SOUTH BEND - Smart may be the way, especially on campus.

Four Smart cars, which are tiny and extremely gas-efficient vehicles, can be commonly seen zipping to and from Eddy Street Commons. The University of Notre Dame bought the tiny cars so campus employees can scoot around more efficiently.

“These Smart cars enable us to go back and forth with relative ease and we could park pretty much anywhere,” said Rudy Reyes, associate director of development at Notre Dame. “They really are for convenience.”

The university’s development staff at Eddy Street Commons uses three of the vehicles and the mail services department utilizes another.

Reyes, who frequently works with faculty on campus, said he would walk to different campus buildings four or five times each day, which consumed about 40 minutes each day. Cruising in what he says is similar to a go-cart helps erase the wasted time.

“They really are great,” he said. “We encourage people to use them.”

The minicars get plenty of attention running routes throughout campus. They are painted in blue and gold with Fighting Irish logos prominent on the sides as well as on the front and back.
Notre Dame runs Smart on errands -

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Good story, but I think the campus should have purchased small EV cars for campus use. They work great in the winter. We had 3 of them at Iowa State.
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