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I have an ELM based OBD scanner I've used on my old cars without trouble, but it seems some newer cars, including my 2008 451 are not happy with it. Most of the functionality works, I can read and reset codes, see live data, etc, but it causes trouble lights to flicker off and on while it's in operation. Since my desire is to collect data as I drive, this isn't very helpful, so I need to look for a replacement.

What OBD/CAN adapters have been shown to work well? Preferably, Id like bluetooth, wifi, or USB, but so long as it can log the data I'm willing to entertain other suggestions.

I've picked through a number of past threads, but most I have seen focus on either clearing codes or in regard to ScanGauge/UltraScan specifically, not that I am opposed to ScanGauge/UltraScan, just that I'd rather be able to access the data so I can mangle it my way.

Anyone else out there logging through the OBD port? What are you using?
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