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well i finally got my ELM327 in and installed then downloaded obd doctor on my phone. glad to see i am running 194 degrees in 97 degree heat. either obd doesn't support any or these cars have no sensors. all i could pull up on the dashboard was speed and temp....nothing else yet when you click on sensors it has a green check by most all of them. dunno what the checks mean...either there are senors or there aren't. either way there is no way to get a reading even on manifold pressure, mpg and fuel level.

oh well you get what you pay for....this didn't cost me anything.

next step is to plug it into my 06 Civic and see what pops up. main thing i wanted anyway was the temp (so now i can change my coolant and watch for air pockets)

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That's why I got a used UltraGauge for $25. No fiddling around with unreliable apps, no ads, no payware, no draining my phone's just there doing its job and I can clear a check engine in any car in less than a minute.

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