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OBDII that works, FOUND! Electric Smart Car

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Autel MaxiAP AP200M, about $50 on Amazon. I have a 2013 electric Smart and this dongle really works, diagnoses and clears codes. Software downloading was a pain for me, lots of steps. But I persevered, followed instructions and was overjoyed when it actually worked.
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I wonder if just a cheap 5$ by single and torque would work
And so... Who here has fixed their electric Smart's air conditioner and how did you do it? Youtube videos all show someone adding refrigerant but when I drill down into the details, none of those are electric Smart's.

I appreciate the technical details with acronyms but I can't put those into layman's terms to help me fix my air conditioner.

Thanks a bunch,
Is it any different than the gasoline engine version?
Totally different. The gasoline engine uses the same belt driven system as all gasoline engines. The electric Smart uses a an electric compressor, no belt, and is powered by the HV battery (300+ Volts).

Also, the gasoline Smart's air conditioner is just a creature comfort for the occupants. The electric Smart Car's air conditioner is also used by the car itself to cool the high voltage batteries.
Well damn, in that case I can't be of any help, sorry
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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