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OBDII that works, FOUND! Electric Smart Car

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Autel MaxiAP AP200M, about $50 on Amazon. I have a 2013 electric Smart and this dongle really works, diagnoses and clears codes. Software downloading was a pain for me, lots of steps. But I persevered, followed instructions and was overjoyed when it actually worked.
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It definitely reads both the 12v and HV batteries.

I am taking my car in for air conditioner service, and I can see the faults in the system with this. I don't want to clear out those codes right now so the technicians can read them.
Steeljan, it’s been about a month since your posting with news of a $50 OBDII reader that is ED compatible.

Got any screen shots that you might share showing the 12V and HV battery condition?

And how did your visit to the dealer go with A/C service?
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It is believed that when the temperature goes above 40C (104F)…

“On vehicles with code (V03) Battery cooling system, the coolant for the high-voltage battery can additionally be cooled by the air conditioning system via a refrigerant/coolant heat exchanger (chiller).”

The electric refrigerant compressor is a high-voltage component and contains an inverter for powering a spiral compressor, which is driven by an electric motor, as well as an integrated control unit. The control unit of the electric refrigerant compressor regulates the speed of the electric motor to the value set by the heater/AC operating unit. The control unit communicates with the drive-train control unit via LIN. This only acts as a router for the CAN signals from the heater/AC operating unit in this case.

Note, the High-voltage adapter plate fuse box contains a 40 A fuse on the electric refrigerant compressor. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!
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