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Oil Change Question

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I changed the oil in my smarty this weekend but I mesread the owner's manual and didn't buy enough oil the first time out (bonehead move #1). I ran into the auto store this morning and, because I was in a rush, bought the same brand but wrong weight oil. (bonehead move #2)

Right now the car has 2 qts of Mobile 1 synthetic 0W - 40 and I bought 2 more qts of Mobile 1 synthetic 0W-30.

2 questions - (1) can I drive the car a short distance with only 2 qts in it?
If not (2) can I mix the oil (maybe end up with 0W-35?)
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Don't drive your car with 2 quarts in it. It will be OK to run the 0-W30 with the 0-W40. The oils will mix fine and the 30 weight is good to about 90 degees farenheit.
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