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Oil Change Question

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I changed the oil in my smarty this weekend but I mesread the owner's manual and didn't buy enough oil the first time out (bonehead move #1). I ran into the auto store this morning and, because I was in a rush, bought the same brand but wrong weight oil. (bonehead move #2)

Right now the car has 2 qts of Mobile 1 synthetic 0W - 40 and I bought 2 more qts of Mobile 1 synthetic 0W-30.

2 questions - (1) can I drive the car a short distance with only 2 qts in it?
If not (2) can I mix the oil (maybe end up with 0W-35?)
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As the lead in says, more than you ever wanted to know: Vintage Triumph Register - VTR :)
So if we want to conserve oil,a country that has no oil,ships its cars with old,'basic' oil,so you can get rid of it and conserve oil?
Sort of off topic, but the assumption that "we" want to conserve oil may be faulty. As the manufacturers improve engine technology and the oil companies improve their oils to enable longer oil change intervals, old habits die hard - some folks can't let go of the 3K mile oil change, others want to do the "engine flush" thing, etc. Must really confuse the auto and oil company engineers. :)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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