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Oil Filter

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Hello all forgive my ignorance but I am having trouble finding what oil filter I should purchase for my 2016 Passion... Nothing is really giving me a direct answer on a google search so I thought I would turn to some people who have done it themselves before. I was looking at this particular filter:

smart fortwo 453 Oil Filter Replacement Kit - Genuine smart Online Store - smart car Parts and Accessories

or this one (they are the same I believe one is just cheaper)

These are what come up when I search 453 oil filter but I have heard that there is a different filter for different years... So I just want to make sure this is the correct one!

Also sorry if this is in the incorrect spot but this looked like the more active section for 453 models. Also awesome forum I'll be coming here regularly :)

Thanks in advance!
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You can now order one from Amazon. They have only recently become available from sources other than dealer.

This one?

Looks like everything checks out... thanks for the tip!
Rock auto $6.92
I'll keep that in mind next time already ordered on amazon. At least I get it in 2 days lol :p
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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