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Either from your smart center or a local parts store:

Mobil 1 M1-108 (Champion Labs)

Purolator PureOne Premium Plus PL14612 (full fleece)

K&N KN147 (Champion Labs)

Bosch Filtec 3300

AMSoil EAOM103 (full fleece)

Wix 51365

Napa 1365

Carquest 83365

STP S6607

Fram PH6607

Fram Tough Guard TG6607

Motorcraft FL-810

Beck-Arnley 041-8055

Mitsubishi MD134953

Yamaha 5DM-13440-00

smart A 1230A040

Local stores will not carry the smart filter :)

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Oil filters

The Purolator PureOne Premium Plus PL14612 (full fleece)
is nearly identical to the filtering and by-pass pressure recommended by Mercedes for extended drain applications.

By-pass pressure is important because any oil that by-passes doesn't go through the filter. Full fleece is important if you want to keep the micro contaminants in the filter and not circulating through your engine.

If you're going to change your oil more often than specified, then I wouldn't worry about it, but if you're going to use the same oil for 10,000 miles, I'd use the Purolator PL14612
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