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I went with CPA Chiptuning. When I first researched them a couple years ago they didn’t have a U.S. location. About 1.5 years ago I checked on them again and they had just opened a location here. Their price is a good bit lower and was on sale so I gave them a try. Been 1.5 years since install and I haven’t had one issue so far. Went with the lowest model since I only wanted a safe and modest power boost. Makes quite a difference, especially when merging onto the Interstate! Guaranteed for life of ownership too. Will be adding one of their peddle map devices.
Awesome! Thanks for the reply. I've been thinking about a power upgrade and that's great advice. Might have to check it out.

And kudos to your purchase, Ron! Sounds like the Houston car was the way to go. I had to go to Phoenix to find my car, but it was well worth the trip. Gotta find what you like!

I'll figger this car out
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As a previous 450 and 451 and now a 453 owner, all I can say is the 453 is by far the best.
It took me years to decide on a 453 as I did not like the 'big' hood sticking out on the car :D

Realizing that the 453 gas version finishes production at the end of this year, I jumped at buying a 453 cabrio.

Reasons that it is so good...
1...Suspension is soft for a change, the 450 and 451 was like awful, it was so hard a ride, if you hit a pothole you nearly lost your teeth >:D Only downside is they over did the softness, and if you go onto a dirt track with the car, it starts rocking like a boat LOL.

2....The width, as the 453 is 4 inches wider than the previous 451, and makes the cabin much more roomier

3..The Renault engines and transmissions are much smoother, both the 6 speed auto and the 5 speed manual stick versions, I actually went for the manual version with a clutch pedal, and really like it with the direct gearing, change is so smooth. Though if i had the money I would buy an auto as well LOL.

4..It is a far better car to drive, and being wider I do not get so many cars tailgating up the back of me, and it is no longer considered a small car, which others seem desperate to overtake.

5..Steering wheel buttons has cruise control, limiter and bluetooth, all easy to get at.

1..Start stop rubbish technology imposed on us...hate it, it destroys the battery life, wears out the engine, saves very little fuel, a pure danger as engine switches off at the most dangerous locations like junctions and traffic lights where you want to move quickly if you have to.. I press the start stop off button every journey.

2.. TPMS sensors in the tires, what a load of complicated rubbish, Whats the matter with a tire gauge to check. pressures.

3..They took away the two dash pod gauges (rev counter and clock)..these were ionic on the 451 and 450.

Other than that the 453 is a great car to consider buying. But this will be my last Smart, as Smart is now going 'all electric' which i think with diminish or finish the company, as most of us are not interested in electric cars.
Can you tell me which Renault engine and transmission was used, and if they can fit inside a 451? Other question would relate to the electronic controls and SAM, but I recognize you can's answer that.
Thanks for the info! I learn something every day
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