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I can't make this stuff up, I promise.
Went to Portland the other day to take the wife to her monthly VA appointment and go car/truck shopping. Appointment went well, and after looking at...far too many vehicles, settled on a BMW X5 for the wife.
While having dinner with the sister in law, called the insurance company, and added the truck (?) to the policy, then started the 200 mile drive back home.
Outside The Dalles, with me in the lead with her truck (don't know how that happened, I'm in her truck, she's in my smart), a deer jumps over the median divider and runs into the side of the new truck. Smack, thump thump.
As it was after dark, I watch her headlights behind me, hoping she doesn't run over the carcass. I see headlights swerve all over both lanes, and then she calls me on my phone a moment later.
I ask her if she hit my deer, and apologize for mangling her new truck. She tells me she missed the deer I hit, but another jumped behind it, and she tried to drive between the two.
No such luck.
Deer hit just behind the driver's headlight, leaving a 6" gouge in the fender before spinning around and smaking the rear fender, popping it out about 1/2" or so. Thank the heavens for plastic panels.
Her truck fared a little worse...
Called the insurance company, and took the smart to the local bodyshop (here in the sticks, we have two to choose from, and the last guy did a poor job on my Camaro). Guy quoted me $600 to remove, sand, fill, and spray the body panel. Called up smart of Portland, and they have a fender in stock, for $130.
Me being the tightwad that I am, I'm going with the panel swap.
Just wanted to share this with everybody. Little smart is a tank, and I'm so impressed with the lack of damage after hitting this deer.
And as a side note, neither my wife and I, to this point, had ever hit a deer. And we both got one within seconds of each other...

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I had a deer hit the side of my car - at the time it was a Nissan Sentra. It is hard to avoid something that you don't see until the last moment. I am glad you are fine.
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