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One week details - Madison County Iowa Bridge and historic farm visit 9/18-19

We're in the last days the MoKan smart car group's visit to Madison county, and we'll make it a visit to the heartland with links to the heritage that made our country great. Plus, plenty of the tasty and nutritious food that satisfied our youth. The forecast is great, we'll have smarts coming from up to five states, and will meet lots of new friends. The Sunday family style afternoon meal will be arranged with lots of time to get to know each other. It is important that I get a head count for the Sunday meal by Tuesday, Sept. 14. If you DIDN'T get a verification email by now and are attending, please let me know. (If you'd like to attend but can't stay for Sunday, or the meal, or need a special diet, let me know and we can work it out,)

With so many coming from widespread areas, I'd suggest not doing more than informal convoying, but I wholeheartedly have enjoyed my recent trips along US169 and other small back roads. There is an entirely different America traveling off the Interstates, with no fast food, gas stations without brands, little or no traffic, and more American flags than I see in town on patriotic holidays. I'd suggest taking part of your trip on these roads ... at least an hour or so, far outside the cities.

Our main emphasis will be on the Sunday tour of the historic covered bridges, and life long resident Glenna Finney (who used to walk to school over the Roseman bridge!) will tell us how they were such an important part in building our stream filled nation, (and if asked, will tell their place in Hollywood lore.) Following, the 'kitchen crew' of St. Paul's Lutheran church will prepare us delectable platters of Pot Roast, Chicken and all the locally raised fixin's ... not exotic or spicy, but just solid comfort food. Then we'll present you with the terrible choice as to whether you're going to linger with good conversation and an irresistible variety of home made pies and cakes, or squeeze in a visit to the Winterset attractions before the trip home.

Those coming up early Saturday will be able to enjoy the town square farmer's market (which draws restaurants from many miles), and stay to shop at special sales in the varied stores around the square. As an extra temptation, the town has their annual yard sale in many households. While there last Tuesday, my cousins gave me luscious, sweet cantaloupes which I made last till Friday! Remarkably, while the recession is evident, the full store fronts show Iowan optimism doesn't listen to the evening doom.

Most importantly, there are easily dozens of worthwhile attractions around town and the nearby county, for which our group has arranged paid admission. John Wayne HAD to have been born in such a place of solid American values, and the not to be missed Historic Village at the Madison Museum is like stepping a hundred years into the past. Madison county is full of variety. You can visit trains, planes, balloons and all types of horse drawn contraptions, or explore the prairie before we arrived and as George Washington Carver learned to shape it. And a learn about a US President who probably should have been.

Those of us wanting to experience an early century soda fountain and luncheonette will visit the Montross Pharmacy for chocolate malts with fries on the side. Then you have the option about 3 in the afternoon of visiting a 150 year old farm which is still being worked by a cousin, and the original 1880s barn and many of the original buildings have been lovingly preserved by a true enthusiast and friend. In the evening, the place that all the local groups meet is the Northside Cafe, as well as that Eastwood guy. Good home cooking.

So, verify that you'll be coming and we've been able to keep the cost to $30 a head, which will cover the Sunday meal, bridge tour, admission to Winterset attractions,
snacks, fees and incidentals. (All extra proceeds will go to local activities.) I'll be at the Super 8 Hotel Friday night with bags, tags and details, and around the square Saturday AM in the yellow smart, loud shirt and straw hat. Sunday, everyone will meet at 10 or so at the Chamber of Commerce on the square, which will be opened so we can get coffee, juice, apple fritters (Winterset is the proud home of the Delicious apple!, and these are made to order by the corner bakery) and traveling needs. Call me on my cell any time at (816) 943-0060. In difficulties, check in at the CoC for aid.

For more details, check the SCOA forum at, especially the 8/29 update. Or don't hesitate to check with me.

Thank you for the chance to get to know my family and kin better.

I look forward to seeing you in a week, Bob Storck
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