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As happy new owners of a Smart ED, we use it a lot, and it runs out of juice fairly quickly.

So we started researching level 2 chargers. Found a bunch of purchase and install options, even did an onsite inspection and estimate. As usual, a certified installation costs more than the charger itself. It appears that installers factor in Ontario's charger incentive program to cover 50% of the bill, so they go pretty generous with their labor rates

Looking at the Ontario incentive guide, however, I've discovered that it's worded in such a way that only new vehicle purchases are eligible. You can only claim your charger if you're a recipient of the EV purchase incentive. And if you just bought a used EV or did a lease transfer (like we did), then you're out of luck. I'm on the phone with the Ministry to confirm this, but it seems pretty firm. Does anyone have any experience with this program?

On the other hand, if this does not work out, it's a good excuse to pick up an OpenEVSE unit I've been looking at for some time. And the electrical permit for a home charger install is only $79 :)
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