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Optimum operating temperature?

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Does anyone know what the optimum temperature is for the battery pack and for the motor? Is the coolant routed through them in series or in parallel? And if the battery pack needs heating, is it done via some other method than the coolant?

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Blaine, thanks for that information. I was just interested in some general information since I spoke to someone today with a Leaf who experienced pretty serious degradation. They said they noticed it last summer when they would come home with the car hot, and then immediately plug into a high speed charger. There is apparently a tool called Leaf Spy that seems to do what the Odyssey tool does. We didn't have much time to chat, but that did spark my curiosity.

So it seems like a fairly wide but cool range of temperatures is optimal for the battery. I'm glad the Smart's system is well engineered and not just air cooled!
We had a nearly 100 degree F. day today and I drove the Smart hard before garaging it. When I plugged it in to charge, I couldn't hear any noise that sounded like a pump or compressor. I had it in 74 HP mode for a fair amount right before parking it.

But also, our garage never got even remotely warm. It gets really warm and stuffy in the garage when we drive our ICE vehicles in this hot weather and then it has to shed all that heat.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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