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I have read a thread here that "touches on" this code, as well as the other clutch code some have issues with. It seems most of the clutch actuator fixes (cleaning/lubing) seem to go with, or get mentioned with the other clutch actuator code.

Is there a DIY fix for the p0900, besides a new actuator? The P0900 code comes on every two weeks, I disconnect the battery to clear it and two weeks later it pops back up. The only issue I notice while driving is the one that I mentioned in another thread. (The car shifts back and fourth between 4th and 5th rapidly while in auto no matter what speed I am traveling. The car drives normally when in manual mode, so I drive in manual 100% of the time.

What should I check for the p0900 code to see if I can spot the cause? (I have no other code, or driving issues)

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