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I'd suggest offering an optional visit to Amanas
Hi, Bob. We did Amana in 2014. We're cruising the eastern coast of Iowa this year.
On Friday, we will be cruising the Great River Road from Dubuque down to Davenport, crossing over the mighty Mississippi, and up the Illinois side to Galena.
On Saturday, we will cruise the scenic byways to Balltown and over to the Field of Dreams.
On Saturday night, we will be cruising the Mississippi River in a paddle-wheeler. Hope you like cruising. :D

Cruise smart

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Some of us who cannot go because of other commitments wish that you would not do all of the fun things that you have planned since we can't do them with you. >:D

We aren't jealous mind you...well...yes we are. :crying: We really wish we could come. :crying: Keep up the good work.

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