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Philadelphia smart car rally - Saturday 26sep2020

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DISCLAIMER - I am NOT associated with these folks, just passing on the info I received, including the incorrect use of Smart (capital S).

Received a mailing from-
Angle Insurance Agency
2600 E Cumberland St
Philadelphia, PA 19125

"The Angle Agency is hosting our first very own Smart Car Rally on Saturday September 26, 2020. The event will take place from 11am to 2pm, at our office in Fishtown, 2600 E Cumberland St, Philadelphia, PA 19125.

We will meet at the office location at 11am for refreshments and breakfast. Around noon we will drive an exciting route thru the city, to show everyone what Smart Cars are all about!!!"
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Not enough range to take my smart, however may head over there on Sat in a different car to see the turnout.
If only that wasn't during h2o 😭
Agree, wasn't thinking of that previously, I won't be heading over.
h2o/h2oi is a really big car meet in Ocean City, Maryland that started on Thursday and ends Sunday night. You can check it out on the instagram accounts like @h20international or @h20ifails if you're interested. So far I haven't seen any other Smarts though 😔
Did anyone get any photos of the smart event?

Not a big turnout, but patriotic.

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Sometimes you have to start small... ;)
Thanks for the photos! I now consider it a smart meet up if there are two or more smarts parked together.
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