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Recently got myself a 2016 gas version 453 with just a little over 30k mile. The car is in good aesthetic condition but doesn't have a full service record. As the reminder is showing service due in 10 days, I am planning to do do all the usual item like:
- Oil and filter change
- Engine and cabinet air filter change
- Brake Fluid Flush
- Break pad and dump pad check
- Wheel aliment check

Coming from the bimmer community, it am having a hard time finding service/shop manual for the 453. Thus, I am hoping to get some guidances from the community on if the below items are necessary:
- Engine coolant flush
- Spark plug change

Also, mine is equipped with a DCT. I can't seem to find any service information on this transmission. Is it a seal unit that you just run it till it dies?
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