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A few people asked for pictures when I discussed dipping my car, so here they are. Apologies for the bad framing on the pictures I couldn't see anything on my phone screen thanks to the sun.

2008 Smart Fortwo Camo Green Plastidip - Album on Imgur

I messed up a few places, so next time will look a bit nicer I'm sure. The areas that are messed up aren't terrible, and I'm happy with it. I may try to go back and fix those spots later, as I still have quite a bit of clear and a half gallon or so of green with flake in it.

Masking on this car sucks in a few areas. It may be easier to just pull the panels and spray them off the car.

Here is a video as well that lets you actually see how sparkly it is. Youtube may still be processing this if it's right after my post on here.
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