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How likely are you to come to the 2013 SMART Nationals?

  • Try to stop me from coming!

    Votes: 50 58.1%
  • I'm sitting on a very wobbly fence with my SMARTIE.

    Votes: 19 22.1%
  • I'm staying home, no National for me!

    Votes: 17 19.8%
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If you are a Texas smart owner let me know, we need to set up a caravan as well. It will be much more enjoyable!!!

Marco C
Marco, there is a Texas caravan set up. Planning to leave Conroe, TX at 7am on Tues the 9th. I-45 to Dallas area than 287 to Colorado.
I'll also call you.

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Dora... I got an (unexplained) cancellation of your cruise control installation the other day. An email to the address in the signup sheet bounced. I tried phoning to clarify and got a man who didn't speak English but managed to say you were in Mexico. Perhaps I got the wrong number. I would have expected at least an explanation... so perhaps it was unintentional? As of right now, I do NOT have you on the list.

To everyone: I've had a couple last minute cancellations but also a couple of last minute signups, so all is good for numbers. HOWEVER, John, Donna, Jill, Fred and Andrew... I have your signup, but not your timeslot. Please contact me ASAP for a timeslot. I sent out emails and I'll try calling phones tomorrow.

- Steven
161 - 164 of 164 Posts